And Another One…

Once again, my piece to has been well-received. I’ve received good feedback, with one reader relating to it so much, that she felt like that it was exactly like her. I have one more piece to write before this contract is over. I haven’t written it, yet, but I have till July 1st to submit it.

In case you haven’t read it, it’s called “The Fight Against My Bipolar Hypomania Monster“. It was originally called “The Fight Against My Monster”, but the title was changed to make it easier to relate to. I didn’t object to the change. I felt like it was creatively written, and the staff and the audience agreed. I love writing for their blog. It’s truly an inspiration for myself to see that my words are resonating with so many people.

Someone came up with an idea to further put my work relating to my bipolar journey out there, and I’m seriously considering it. It’s a good idea, and I’ve thought about it before. However, like I was about creating this public blog in the beginning, I was reserved about it. But it’s very possible that this project will come to fruition very soon.

In July, everyone will get a glimpse on what I’ve been working on so hard over the last few weeks and even months. It’s a game changer. It will definitely reflect the new direction I’m taking my business, while at the same time keeping my original business plans and goals in mind.

Anyways…well, blogosphere, I’m actually sleepy. It’s a little after 10 PM EST here in the ATL. I think I’m going to shut it down for the night.

Good night. Catch you later.


2 thoughts on “And Another One…

  1. Reading other people’s experience with bipolar disorder 11 is more helpful than psychotherapy or meds. Thanks for your 3 posts on the bphope website. I enjoyed reading it. It gives one more insight to not only others experience but also effective ways to deal with certain issues (manic or depressive states)
    I too have been diagnosed bp ‘ll
    I’ve also gone without meds for almost 7yrs. I started to run, followed a healthy diet and a good sleep routine. However, the effects of daily work stressors got me sidelined so I’m currently back on meds…mixed emotions on that. But it’s helping the mania. Hope to read another of your articles soon

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    1. Thank you very much for your comments. I’m really glad that my articles are helping you. I will definitely continue to write more.

      I used to be in the military, so I completely know what you mean by work stressors. Even though I wasn’t diagnosed at the time, I was diagnosed with depression and it made it very hard to perform my duties. Now I’m building a business, so I can be on my own schedule. You kind of gave me a new idea for my next work.

      Thanks for following me and coming to my website. Don’t be a stranger; my contact links are always open.


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