Sixth Month of the Year

I can’t believe half of the year is gone already. It doesn’t seem that long that I was sitting up, watching the new year come in with a bottle of Hennessy. It was raining that night, and after having a dinner at a popular restaurant here, I didn’t feel like being out with the masses, getting soaked in order to watch the Peach Drop in downtown Atlanta; nor did I feel like being jammed in somebody’s club. Sitting in bed with Hennessy and watching the celebration of TV was just fine for me.

Now it’s June 1st and quite a bit has happened this year. New relationships has been forged, old ones have been abandoned, and some simply vanished. Plans have been made, but abandoned. But other plans have been made and came to fruition. All are increasing my confidence of a better future.

When the year started, I was determined to have new material and business by the end of the year. I had to take a little break, but recently things have been getting back on track with a different set of ideas and opportunities that are presenting themselves. This blog alone is a demonstration of that. As usual, I can’t talk about the other things that are going on until the time is right. Just know that things are a little more positive.

Lately, I haven’t been talking so much about my bipolar journey. Part of the reason is because of my current project with (next piece will come out this month). Part of it is because lately I’ve been wanting to talk about other things. But just so people know what’s going on, I’ve been questioning if I was going through an episode or not over the last week. While I’ve been taking meds, I had an issue where I was missing one, and I physically had to go to the pharmacy to figure out the problem. So, I’ve feelings that are questionable; I could be either hypomanic or going through a mixed moment. I think I was approaching hypomania, because I wasn’t feeling depressed. But I was (and still am) pretty irritable.

Aside from that, I’m feeling fine. Today, I’m just sleepy, and a big part of it is because I’ve had a couple of days of where I received little to no sleep, and when the medication kicks in, I’m groggy and spend most of the day sleeping. Other than that, I’m feeling fine.

I hope everyone else out there in the blogosphere is fine and having a great day. I’ll talk to everyone later on. Check me out.


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