My Guest Blogging Debut

I have been talking over the last few weeks about something that I was working on, but I couldn’t talk about it at the time. Now, I can talk about it. While it’s a small scale, it’s a huge deal for me because I’m going further into the unknown territory of disclosing to the world that I’m bipolar.

I signed a three-month trial agreement to write a monthly post on the blog of website, the site for BP Hope Magazine. The site is an information and personal forum for people with bipolar disorder, as well as for friends and family who knows someone struggling with it. I’m not an employee of the company or anything like that; I was simply invited to do this trial period with hopes of extending, due to an application I sent to them. But what it does mean is that I will be working on this blog and their blog, as sharing my experiences in hopes of being that inspiration to someone who needs it.

My first post was my sample post that I sent to them (I didn’t know they were going to do that since I personally felt I could’ve sent a better one for the site itself). It’s called “Denying My Bipolar Diagnosis.” Check it out.

Thank you for the continued support. Be back later.

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