Good Session; Traffic Sucks

Went to see my doctor today, and aside from the pain in the ass Atlanta traffic, it was a good session. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a medicine that I couldn’t order before because the prescription was expired. Everything was actually easy, a lot easier than I expected. It didn’t even take me long to find parking at the VA hospital; it normally takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to find parking, today it only took me ten.

My doctor was actually very impressed with the consistency I’ve had lately, and with the fact that I took this bold step of allowing everyone to see my journey and personal business. All he wanted to do was to make sure it wasn’t on impulse, a bipolar symptom that I have really bad when I’m hypomanic (usually I’m very methodical with my approach to people and situations).

The only negative thing is that damn traffic. Rush hour was beginning, kids were getting out of school, and Atlanta drivers tend to be assholes (I’m just being honest), so it was testing my patience and anxiety a bit. But I survived. Even survived some encounters with assholes truck drivers who like to pull out in front of you and take over entire roads, even though they see you coming down the road at about 55 MPH (the speed limit on the road I was on)…ugh!!! Got me heated just thinking about it. They do this shit all of the time on this road about five minutes from my place. Talk about a big fuck you…

Anyways, I’m ranting a little bit. Despite my rant, today was a good day. My last 24 hours has actually been really good. Now I’m going to lay down for a second, before I pop back up and write something or watch TV.

I’ve been talking about something that I consider great for the last few days, with no details aside from I will announce it soon. I hope that I can announce it this week, since some of the final steps that I need to take has either been completed or about to be completed.

I took the feature picture today when I was in traffic, trying to get to Interstate 20. I was in the Little Five Points District, which is in East Atlanta, near downtown. The fact that I was able to take this picture proves how hectic traffic was, especially considering that the road I was on is a very busy street. I pass by it every time I’m leaving from the VA hospital. This place is a well-known Atlanta spot. I’ve never been in it, but I’ve heard the stories. Excuse the window, but right when I was about to take it, traffic started moving, and my truck was parked under a tree today.

Until next time.

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