Let’s Recharge

It’s a beautiful spring May afternoon here in the ATL, compared to the gloomy, almost winter-like temperatures (for the South) Friday. I hope where you are, it’s just as beautiful. If not, there just be patient. There are plenty more coming.

Sundays, in particular Sunday evenings, tend to be the worst days for me; I usually go into this funk that lasts until Monday morning. I think it goes back to when I was younger and I realized that the weekend was over. School was the next day, and even though I liked school most of the time, I wasn’t ready for my weekend to end. That manifested to not looking forward to the weekend being over and I had to go back to work, when I was in the Army. Now, it’s just manifests for no particular reason.

My little funk is not always preventable, but today I’m going to try this Sunday. I challenge everyone who come across this blog to do the same, regardless of the day. Let’s take in the beauty that this day offers, and have a little mental health day. You don’t have to be mentally ill to do this; everyone needs a mental health day to recharge. You especially need it to mentally prepare yourself for the challenges that this week. That way, no matter what bullshit comes your way this week, you can possibly be in a better head space to deal with it.

I just came online to put that out there. I hope everyone enjoy the rest of this Sunday, doing what ever you’re doing. Hopefully it’s restful, enjoying, and stimulating.

See y’all later.

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