Checking In

It’s a little after midnight here in Atlanta. Not exactly a healthy time to be up, but I’m just doing a little TV therapy as I prepare to go to sleep, by watching King of Queens. I’m not really here for anything; just wanted to post something really quick.

I haven’t been on my computer or in the office all day, until now. But I have been reading recent updates from some of the blogs that I’m following, as well as being a little nosy on social media. Seen some things, especially on Facebook, that I would normally dig into and bring it up, but I don’t feel like trying to put those thoughts together. I’m pretty exhausted as I’m trying to recover from this recent bout. I’m still not feeling well, but I think I will get better after tonight. I have all day to try to rest, with the exception of a webinar that I have to do tomorrow afternoon. But that’s an hour; after that I can go back to doing absolutely nothing, especially since tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day.

On that note, I’m signing off. I will slowly get back into the blog as I recover. Until then, take the time to read my sample of Mr. Braxton’s House, a play I wrote in 2015. I will talk about the motivation for it at a later time.

Until next time…


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