Not Feeling My Best

Sleep last night wasn’t the greatest, even with my knock-out drug and the mood stabilizers. I woke up this morning feeling a little off, a little reminiscent of that deep depression I was battling for about two weeks this month. Hopefully, this is just the blues and I’ll be able to find equilibrium by the end of the day.

I was told by a couple of people about being careful how much I disclosed about my condition on this blog, which is a public forum that anybody who knows how to Google can find. While I don’t disclose every single thing that goes on with me in my fight against this energy-draining disorder (and I won’t because some things are best left unsaid), I do disclose enough for people to see that I’m an everyday guy who’s dealing with something that millions of people deal with.

While I’m not trying to sound somber and gloomy with this post, and definitely not throughout the day, this is the feeling that I feel at this moment. I don’t want to alarm anyone, because it’s not really serious. Just kind of need a break.

Somebody would probably tell me to write something, outside of the blog, like work on my book. But I barely feel okay enough to write this entry, let alone a few chapters in a book. I really get irritated when people tell me to “just write”, like it’s some kind of faucet.

On that note, I’ll probably take a break from this blog today, stay away from the computer and my office, and probably social media. Hopefully I can get a little sleep so help get me back on balance. I hope everyone have a good and productive day.

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