A Big Thank You

In the couple of weeks since I converted the jbburrage.com site from an information site to a blog site, the WordPress community has shown me so much love. I was surprised, because I did this with almost no fanfare or promotion. It’s simply amazing, for lack of better words.

As long as this blog remains active, you will see me come on here and thank y’all often, partly because of the new followers and mostly because I really appreciate all of you that followed or liked my entries. I started doing this as a way to showcase my work, as well as contribute my part in bringing mental health to the forefront by talking about my own struggles, as well as the occasional rants. Y’all have made this experience into a fun experience for me, as it is really helping me tap into my writing talents, as well as allowing me to communicate more directly to you.

I’m liking the blogs that all of you followers and people who liked my entries are maintaining, and I’m in the process of following you. It’s a great learning experience, since I’ve never been a strong blogger, and as far as I can see it, I’m learning from the best.

So thank you so much for embracing me and supporting me. Even if you’re following me without a WordPress account, I love it, because that means that my reach is also beyond the WordPress community.

As April is nearing a close, there’s no telling what else will come through, and who else I will meet through the Black Box Room. I look forward to the future, and I look forward to future growth.

In order to help me grow and spread my work, I would like each of you to share my blog and website among your friends and communities, and I will do the same. I think that it’s important that we continue to build and uplift each other as a community.

Expect much more from me, as I continue to build my platform for the purposes that I’ve stated throughout this blog. I’ll be back later.

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