Let’s Talk About Side Chicks

I know I’m going to make some people mad with this entry. I really don’t have to talk about it, but since it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want, I am. I’m talking about this awkward subject because of what we see in the news everyday, celebrity spouses; men in particular; getting caught cheating. Does it affect me personally where these people choose to stick their dicks? No. I could care less. Their drama doesn’t add money into my account, buy me food or a new car, and I damn sure don’t go into a corner and cry about the demise of their marriages. But it does make men in general look bad. After all, we damn near have to go through a 10-mile obstacle course just to get to the first date. Getting her to the altar, well damn; get ready to put in some over time.

But I was talking with a friend of mine not too long ago about the role of the side chick. You know? The home wrecker, as some people would label her. After all, if she didn’t come in between and take the wife’s husband, they wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place. Bullshit. Like any relationship, the end of a marriage didn’t start because John woke up one morning and said, “I think I’m going to cheat on my wife today.” Instead, the downfall of any relationship always starts with a pivotal moment, and it rolls downhill from there, like a big ass dirty snowball. So it’s actually a little unfair to automatically paint a scarlet “A” on her, and treat her like a harlot that should be stoned. Now, if she habitual sleeps with married men for her own personal thrill or monetary game, then that’s a whole different issue that needs to be explored by a therapist or Iyanla Vanzant.

But what came out of our discussion was interesting, especially since I was talking about this with a woman. In this talk, we brought up T.I. and Tiny, and the collapse of their marriage. If you don’t know what happened to their marriage, or what is currently going on, Google it or follow your most popular gossip blogs. But word on the street (not even on the street, but all over the place), is that T.I. has a side chick. Not really surprising; T.I. is a famous man with a lot of money.  It would be all fine if this girl just simply kept her mouth shut. Instead, she was taunting Tiny (which Tiny didn’t really make it much better) and pretty much talking shit. Our thing was, why talk and gloat? You got a man who is probably throwing at you all kinds of money, got you a nice ride, and probably got you in a nice apartment somewhere. You know the more you talk, the more ammo you’re giving this woman for her divorce, which means that when it’s all over, T.I. won’t have the money he used to have to finance your lifestyle.

It’s not just celebrities and their side pieces that does this though. The everyday world is full of these stories; I hear about them all of the time. You don’t have to watch Love and Hip Hop or anything like that to find examples. I guarantee you that you will probably hear about two or three of these stories in your neighborhood or town before the summer hits.

Long story short, don’t cheat. I can tell you from personal experience from when I was real, real, real young that it’s not worth it (heavy emphasis on the real, real, real young). If you’re the side chick in any relationship, marriage or boyfriend/girlfriend situation, you’re not in the clear, and you’re not innocent. But if you are, just keep your damn mouth shut if you want you lifestyle to continue.

Until next time.

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