My Experience with Blog Publishing

When I first found out about blog publishing in 2007, I knew it was a trend that I needed to get into, but didn’t take it seriously. It was a hot market, but people were still getting used to it. For self-publishers, it was a gold mine, and a lot of them have moved on to bigger things since them. I had my book Caught Up (which I’ve sense transferred the publishing rights to MBP Publications, but I will get into that another day), and it was my first self-published novel. If I wasn’t stubborn and jumped on the bandwagon then, I could’ve explode.

Years of trying to build a successful blog and I finally have one worth fight for,, especially since it’s now my website, But this blog publishing this is so fun, because it is allowing me to write and publish things in a much faster rate, and I enjoy every second of it. I’m a writer, so why not use a simple platform to write on.

Will I make a full-time career being a regular blogger? Probably not, unless things just get too big. I will at least be a part-time blogger. I still have plays to write, books to write, and events that need to be coordinated.

But I’m starting to get the hang of this. I had a two-year experience with my private blog that I had, so this is a new but familiar thing.

If you’re paying attention, share, like, and post some comments. I decided that I’m publishing my first short story here within the next few weeks to a month. As I said in a previous blog, it will be free. But remember, anything published on here is protected by copyright laws, so don’t print my stories and try to sell them as your own.

Have a good day.

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