Let’s Talk About Dead Weight

As I’m in my office, listening to The King of Queens play in the living room, I do my usual deep thought thinking that I tend to do every night around this time. It’s usually around this time when I’m taking my medication, so I can put myself down to sleep. On occasion, I might take a drink or two, but those are the times I don’t take any medication (drinking is not that good for you if you’re a bipolar sufferer, but hey…I like my Crown Royal and vodka).

Of course, today is a reminder that tomorrow is never promised, as evident in the shocking passing of Charlie Murphy. I’m very grateful to have made it through another day, and pray that my family, friends, and I get a chance to make it through another day. But another take away is the constant reminders around me of having to deflect. I talk a lot about removing who I consider dead weight from my life, so much that I’m sure my friends are tired of me. But I have seen some things that makes me glad I eliminated past dead weight, and it’s time to do it again.

Although anxiety is by far not limited to bipolar sufferers, living with it can cause a whole crazy set of issues. In fact, a lot of people who are bipolar also have another disorder diagnosed in conjunction with it, and it’s most likely some type of anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and didn’t even know I had an established record of anxiety attacks. That being said, everyone will have some kind of anxiety break some time in their life. To not have one is not human.

I’m not rambling about anxiety and anxiety disorders just for the hell of it. I brought it up to bring a point. As many issues that I have, I don’t need the dead weight people and situations in my life. Tonight has brought me closer towards a critical decision that I must make, so I can be in the right state of mind to continue to build this business. It’s a decision I don’t want to make, but it’s coming to that time. I need to eliminate as many triggers as possible, and this is will soon be a trigger if I don’t handle it.

My message to anyone reading this blog. Don’t continue to carry your dead weight. When you recognize it, get rid of it. It will only help you in the long run, though it might sting a little today. It could be a situation where your health, your relationships, everything is depending on it. But don’t continue to let it weigh you down.

We all need a lot more positive in our lives. It’s just too much negativity. All we see is negativity these days. We don’t need it in our lives, too. While it’s impossible to eliminate all negativity in our lives, and in some ways it can be beneficial by helping us become strong, there are ways we can limit it. It’s just up to each and every one of us.

I’m starting my new reduction soon.

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