10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC

JB Burrage does his work through 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC. 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC is a media management company founded in June 2017, in order to effectively manage the overall business of JB Burrage. Based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, the company is looking to develop and expand the JB Burrage brand. 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC’s place in the Atlanta metro area places it in a prime spot to tap into a rich entertainment resource, a resource that the state of Georgia has strongly supported for years.

10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC is primarily involved in:

  • Coordinating and managing JB Burrage’s freelance projects,
  • Managing and operating The Black Box Room blog,
  • Serving as the primary publisher of JB Burrage’s books that are not licensed to another book publisher,
  • Serving as the primary producer and publisher of JB Burrage’s stage plays that are not licensed to another production company and/or publisher,
  • Creating and marketing various scripts for TV, film, video, or internet through the company’s own developing networks,
  • Negotiating and granting licenses to serious publishers and production companies, to publish and produce JB Burrage’s various work in the best way that will fulfill his vision,
  • Producing visual projects to further enhance and promote JB Burrage’s literary work,
  • Developing alternative and experimental means that are strictly owned by the company, to expand the JB Burrage brand.

All inquiries about these functions provided by 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC, and other possible functions, must be forwarded through the Business page of this website.

All legal correspondence for the company must be sent to:

Registered Agents Inc.
ATTN: 10th Avenue Media Visions, LLC
300 Colonial Center Parkway STE 100N
Roswell, GA 30076

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